Safety Manager

Safety Manager™ supports the integration of Safety Manager into Experion™ PKS which unifies Honeywell’s safety controller with its equally reliable Experion platform. The integration is realized through the Safety Manager Universal Safety Interface (USI) via High Speed Ethernet (HSE) on the Fault Tolerant Ethernet (FTE) layer, which is placed in the control processor of the Safety Manager Controller. This USI module makes Safety Manager an integrated part of the Experion architecture, which means that Safety Manager related information can easily be exchanged between Safety Manager and Experion. This allows information to be shared and made available on the Experion Server displays.

Safety Manager integrates the sequence‐of‐event (SOE) features as supported by Safety Manager into the Experion server. Safety Manager supports SOE for digital inputs and outputs, analog inputs and outputs, and marker points. Each tag name that has been “SOE‐enabled” is time‐ stamped by the Safety Manager controller and reported to the Experion Server, where it is incorporated into the standard Experion Server SOE list which allows for improved search, filter and automated archive functionality. Standard SOE displays are available to view the events as they are reported.

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