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RCh withe-Gauge®-lite

Pressure Gauge fitted withe-  Gauge®-lite

e-Gauge®-lite is a 2 wire, 4/20mA loop
powered device that is easily
retrofitted to most 100mm and
160mm DIN cased analogue gauges
and thermometers.

PDF Data Sheets – 1201.93L


Electric Contacts &Limit  SwitchAssemblies

Electric Contacts & Limit Switch
Assemblies for fitting to most
100mm and 160mm Gauges.

PDF Data Sheets – 9.1000


Digital Precision Pressure  Gauge

The digital pressure gauge, P-DPG, is
a battery-supplied on -site display with  integrated display of actual and MIN/  MAX values for the indication of  pressure and pressure peaks.

PDF Data Sheets – 10221


Electrical Test Equipment

ITIUK offer an extensive range of  Electrical test equipment, from 17th  edition test meters such as Multifunction
Testers & Multimeters, to torque wrenches,  dial indicators and calipers.

PDF Data Sheets – On request

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