Ronan Engineering

Ronan Engineering Company, a privately held corporation, started business in May 1959 as Ronan Panel Company located at Orion Avenue in Van Nuys in a 2200 sq. ft. building. The main goal of the company was to manufacture instrument control panels for the petroleum, cement plant and power station business.

Alarm Display Product Division

  • Annunciator
  • Fault Recorders
  • Mosaic Graphic Display
  • Lamp Displays
  • Indicators
  • Sequence of Event Recorders

I/O Products Division

  • Calibrators ‐ portable
  • I to P Transducers
  • P to I Transducers
  • Intrinsically Safe Barries
  • Loop Powered Indicators
  • Process Monitors

Solid State Annunciator ‐ X11SN

The X11SN Solid State Annunciator is designed for the process and power industries’ basic requirements, providing the most economical approach while maintaining Ronan’s high quality and performance standards. This system is easy to install and requires minimal operator training and maintenance. It features Monalarm, Dualalarm, Trialarm and Quadalarm based within Ronan’s standard 3.5”x3.5” mechanical cabinet modules.

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